Tree Removal Costs

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Property owners in Dallas, Texas, spend $200 to $2000 on tree removal. However, since the largest percentage of property owners have medium-sized trees growing on their lands, most people pay $400 to $1,200, with the average cost being $750.

The cost of removing a tree is affected by a variety of factors.  These factors make the tree removal process either more complicated or simpler – this, in turn, drives the tree removal cost up or down. Below, we will outline – and explain – all of these factors.

Factors Affecting the Tree Removal Cost in Dallas, Texas

1. Tree Size

As the height of a tree increases, so does its weight. Bringing down a 150 feet white pine requires more complicated machinery and more man-hours compared to cutting down a 30-foot tree. When removing a tall tree, the area under risk is generally larger compared to when bringing down a small tree.

In most cases, taller trees have bigger trunk diameters. Since tree removal involves sawing through the tree’s trunk, removing trees with a bigger trunk diameter takes more time. For these reasons, the tree removal cost increases as the size of a tree increases.

Below, we have listed the removal cost to expect for trees of varying sizes:

Small Tree Removal Cost

Trees classified in the small tree category mature at a height of below 30 feet. In Dallas, Texas, these trees include crape myrtle, magnolia, Japanese maple, dogwood, and the California juniper. To remove one of these trees, you will need $150 to $400. Small trees are the easiest to remove and often take less than 2 hours to bring down.

Medium Tree Removal Cost

Medium trees mature at a height of 30 to 60 feet, with a trunk diameter of between 15 and 19 inches. Examples of medium-sized trees include crab apples, red maple, small varieties of red oak, and copper wood. Medium tree removal generally takes 4 to 8 hours and costs $450 to $900.

Large Tree Removal Cost

Large trees have a height of 60 to 100 feet and a trunk diameter of 20 to 24 inches. In Dallas, Texas, the trees include conifer, sycamore, and large varieties of red oak. Depending on how experienced a tree removal team is, large tree removal can take one or more days. This procedure costs $900 to $1,200.

Very Large Tree Removal Cost

These trees have a height of more than 100 feet. Their trunk diameters exceed 24 inches. Very large trees include mature palm, sequoia, white pine, and eucalyptus. To remove these trees, you should expect to spend between $1,300 and $2,000.

2. Crane-Assisted Removal

When “large” and “very large” trees are standing in complicated situations – say, next to powerlines or your house – a crane may be needed to control the tree’s falling direction, minimizing the chances of property damage. Cranes are often rented separately – not many tree removal experts own these machines.

In Dallas, Texas, you will be charged $200 to $600 to rent a crane for a day. If the tree removal team does not have an experienced crane operator, you will need to hire one at a rate of $50 to $100 per day. This puts the total cost of renting the crane between $250 and $700.

If the tree removal would cost you $1000 without the crane, you should expect to spend between $1,250 and $1,700 if a crane has to be used.

3. Tree Species

Different tree species will have varying heights and trunk diameters. While some trees are hardwood, others are softwood. A tree species featuring a big height, a big trunk diameter, and is made up of hardwood will cost more to get rid of compared to a smaller, softwood tree.

Below are the removal costs for some of the tree species common in Dallas, Texas:

Oak Tree Removal Cost

Oak trees reach maturity at a height of 60 to 100 feet. The tree is made up of hardwood and often costs more than trees of the same size but with a softwood structure. Oak trees with a height of 30 to 80 feet have a tree removal cost of $200 to $800. Oaks between 80- and 100-feet tall cost $800 to $1,200 to remove.

Magnolia Tree Removal Cost

Magnolias rarely grow beyond 30 feet in height. This puts them in the small tree category. On average, you should expect to spend $375 to $500 on magnolia tree removal.

Sycamore Tree Removal Cost

Sycamore trees generally mature at heights sitting between 30 and 60 feet. These trees cost $600 to $900 to remove.

Pine Tree Removal Cost

Pine trees mature at heights of between 80 and 150 feet. One of the largest trees, pine is also one of the most expensive to remove. Pine tree owners spend $1500 to $2000 to remove mature pine trees. The removal of young, immature, and shorter pines may cost $200 to $1000.

4. Tree Condition

The tree removal process is affected by some conditions that either make the procedure easier or more complicated. Below, we will look at these conditions:

Cavities and Decays

Trees with cavities and decays on their trunks are generally very unstable. Since it is hard to predict the falling direction for unstable trees, tree removal experts are often forced to stabilize the trees before commencing removal. This often takes extra time and may drive the tree removal cost up.

Weak Branches

If the branches feature the risk of falling during tree removal, the tree removal professionals may prefer to improve safety by pruning the tree first. The tree pruning may be included in the quoted cost or counted as an additional service – if the professionals consider pruning an additional service, it will increase the tree removal cost.

Multiple Trunks

Multiple trunks are not a concern if they are strongly attached. However, when the trunks feature a weak link between them, this is an indicator that a slight interference with the tree’s balance could force the trunks to break off and fall. In such a circumstance, the trunks may need to be removed one by one, which often increases the time needed to complete the tree removal procedure.

Fallen Tree Removal Cost

Fallen trees are easier to remove since most of the work is already done. Trees lying on open ground cost $75 to $150 to remove. In the event the tree is lying on sensitive structures, the tree removal cost may be higher since more work will be needed to avoid further property damage.

Dead Tree Removal Cost

Dead trees are generally lighter than live trees. This often makes their removal easier, which puts their removal cost between $75 and $400. The dead tree removal cost depends on tree size and how complicated the procedure is.

5. Additional Costs

Homeowners are often surprised when they realize that the quoted tree removal cost is not going to cover everything. Understanding the additional costs often related to tree removal may help you avoid being caught by surprise:

Tree Chipping

You probably do not want the tree to be left lying in your home. Before hurling a tree away, tree removal professionals may require you to pay an extra $50 to $100 for chipping – chipping involves cutting the tree into smaller, portable pieces.

Wood Splitting

If you use firewood in your home, you may need to invest in wood splitting. Costing $50 to $100, wood splitting will help you convert the tree trunk into firewood.

Travel Fees

If the tree removal professionals have to cover a significant distance to get to your home, you should expect a travel fee of $0.5 per mile. Some professionals may charge you a fixed cost of $50 to $200.

Permits and Licenses

In a bid to protect its urban forestry, the city of Dallas often requires homeowners to have a license and/or permit before removing a tree. Permits and licenses generally cost $60 to $150. This cost will be added to the quoted tree removal cost.

Inconvenience Cost

This is a cost often associated with emergency tree removal. Since the tree removal professionals do not have time to prepare for the procedure and are sometimes required to work through the night, they charge an extra 10% to cover for the inconveniences.

Stump Removal Cost

If you would like the professionals to remove your stump after completing the tree removal, you should expect a stump removal cost of $100 to $150. This cost, however, may change depending on the number of stumps you need them to remove:

  • Per hour cost – Professionals charge an hourly cost of $150 when removing multiple tree stumps.
  • Per diameter inch – Each diameter inch will cost you $2 to $3. However, tree removal professionals may charge a minimal cost of $100 – this cost, however, applies if the diameter of the tree is too small.
  • Per stump cost – In Dallas, Texas, you will be charged an average of $150 for the first tree stump. For each of the remaining tree stumps, you will be charged $50.
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